Period 1
Mr. Schmit
For our project we are going to research the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko and create briefing of a "mission" the KGB sent agents on for the assassination of Litvinenko.

901: Describe how scientific knowledge, explanations and technological designs may change with new information over time (e.g., the understanding of DNA, the design of computers).
903: Identify and explain ways that scientific knowledge and economics drive technological development
904: Identify important contributions to science and technology that have been made by individuals and groups from various cultures.
905: Describe how occupations use scientific and technological knowledge and skills.


To whom it may concern,

The security of some highly confidential information pertaining to the Russian government has been put into jeopardy due to Alexander Litvinenko’s act of treason. In 1998, Litvinenko began to criticize Russian intelligence. Litvinenko, a highly trained former KGB lieutenant, has since become a citizen and fled to his home in the United Kingdom. The lack of respect and loyalty that this individual has shown towards our country has led me to request for his assassination.
Alexander Litvinenko

external image AlexanderLitvinenko.jpg
To complete your assignment, you must use Polonium 210 to poison Litvinenko. The extremely potent isotope emits hazardous positively charged particles that will ultimately lead to his fatality. These alpha particles are too large to go through the first layer of skin but still must be handled with great precaution.
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A meeting has been organized with Litvinenko at the Millennium Hotel for November 1st. During this time with Litvinenko, it is imperative for the Polonium to be administered in a way that he will ingest it. I would firmly advise adding the isotope to a liquid because it is colorless, odorless, tasteless and soluble in water.

Millennium Hotel
external image 47581_16_b.jpg

external image Millennium_Gloucester_Hotel_London-London.gif

Map of Surrounding Area by Millennium Hotel

Once ingested, Polonium 210 will emit alpha particles into his system which will directly cause energy absorption by his organ tissue and lead to the decomposition of his entire body. Hours after consuming Polonium 210, Litvinenko will begin to experience flu-like symptoms. His conditions will begin to worsen to headaches, muscle problems and convulsions. Eventually he will start to exhibit all the normal signs of radiation poisoning. He will lose his hair, lose the ability to speak, and lose all organ functions. This will culminate with the target’s death.

Because of your access to our nuclear lab, you will be able to access substantial amounts of Polonium for the task at hand. The isotope will be transported in an airtight container located in your briefcase. Once you arrive at the Millennium, administer the poison in the pitcher of tea given by the hotel’s bar. The element will leave a trail of radiation wherever it is taken. Although many members of society will come into contact with the radiation emitted by Polonium, it will not be fatal unless they ingest it. As the alpha particles are emitted, the Polonium 210, will decay and eventually become harmless.

Once it is found out that Litvinenko is a victim of nuclear poisoning, others will know not to discuss the secrets of the KGB. This assassination is a statement to future KGB members that will help confirm their loyalty.

external image 6580.jpeg

From the desk of,

Vladimir Putin

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