History of Golf

The game of Golf dates all the way back 1297 and players have been trying to perfect it ever since. People origionaly played the game with any sort of club or stick they could find and would hit around a rock. The golf ball, however, quickly evolved into a leather covered ball stuffed with feathers, then a "Gutta Ball" was invented which was a sphere made from gutta-percha packing material. That ball underwent a few variations before golf moved to a rubber ball in 1898 and then in 1932 the United States Golf Association made the regulation for all golf balls and our modern golf ball was created. Many different companies have made variations of the current golf ball and have been trying to perfect it ever since. Golf%20Balls.gif

Another aspect of golf that has evolved over time is the golf club. In the late 1800's golf revolutionized and started using clubs with flat heads called "Irons" made out of Iron, and clubs with bigger round heads made out of wood, called "woods". The shafts of the clubs were all made from wood until the early 1900's when they started using steel shafts. Now in the modern day all the clubs are made out of any sort of metal and nobody uses and wooden clubs any more although we still do call clubs "woods".

Art of the Swing

The hardest and most important aspect
of Golf is the full swing; the timing of the full swing is what makes the game so hard. As you swing the club is only in contact with the ball for about .005 seconds (1/200th of a second) but that time is what makes or breaks your success as a golfer. The face of the golf club is grooved to allow the club to "grip" the ball in that .005 seconds and this is what makes the swing so difficult to perfect. After contact the ball could be moving with any assortment of spin on it and depending on your position on the course the spin could be great or it could make your ball head for the water. This is why it is so important to learn what swing will produce what kind of spin.

Putting Spin on the Ball

Although there are no exact steps to putting the spin you want on the ball, there are a few different types of steps you can take to put the spin you want on the ball. Putting spin on the ball is not always necissary but can be very useful if you need to hit the ball around a tree or avoid an obstacle.
Hooking the ball
To put a hook or draw on the ball is to hit the ball from right to left as a right handed player (opposite for a left handed player). To hit the ball with a spin towards your body, you need to break your wrists earlier than you would if hitting a ball with no spin. This allows you to bring the club around faster and you will contact the ball with a closed club face (The toe of the club face is farther out than the heel).
Slicing the ball
To slice or fade the golf ball is to hit the ball from left to right as a right handed player. To hit the ball with spin away from your body, you need to break your wrists later than you normally would. This would make you hit the ball with an open club face (The toe of the club face is behind the heel of the club).
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