The Aftermath of Hiroshima

What we DON'T get to see.
Mariam Sayeedi
Mr. Rowzee
Standards: 901, 903, 905, 906

The following pictures are just handful of views of the effect the horrific atomic bombing occurences had on their lives. It reveals how directly these new and dangerous technologies can affect the lives of thousands for generations onwards. Yes, nuclear weapons and such may give a nation an advantage over its enemy. However, is this technology really worth the new technology that must be developed because of it? Radiation detection machines? Devices to help a child with 3 arms? The cure for cancer because of the extreme increase in cancer afterwards? Exactly.

Note: Each picture has a short description. A picture is worth a thousand words, yet some call for some reflection. <--Descriptions in set. Make sure to click "Slideshow" and "Show Info" during the show!

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