Title: Chernobyl Aftermath
Names: Hana and Megan
Teacher: Mr. Schmit
Standards: 902, 906, 904

906: On April of 1986, Chernobyl unit 4 reactor was to be shut down for routine test. On this occasion, it was decided to carry a test that in the event of a loss of station power, the slowing turbine could provide enough electrical power to operate the main core cooling water circulating pumps, until the diesel emergency power supply became operative. Basically it was a test to confirm the core cooling system could continue to be used in case of loss of power from the main station. For this test, newly designed voltage regulator was developed and was inserted. Without the communication of the team in charge of the test and the safety personnel, the test was carried with main control systems switched off, which led to unstable and low-power conditions. A sudden power surge caused a steam explosion that ruptured the reactor vessel, allowing further violent fuel-steam interactions that destroyed the reactor core and severely damaged the reactor building. Subsequently, an intense graphite fire burned for 10 days. These conditions intensify release of fission products into the air.
Radiation dust of Chernobyl contaminated around countries like Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and almost the entire Europe. Dangerous materials like Caesium-137, which is a product of nuclear fission of Uranium-235, was released into the air for about 10 days. It was carried by wind to all directions then later mixed with rain and precipitate onto surface. Radioactive cloud also caused direct contamination of the area. Caesium-137 was released in form of aerosol, contaminating soils and caused deforestation. After the accident, the area downwind containing radioactive materials directly hit a pine forest permanently dying the forest reddish-brown color. This forest is considered as one of the most polluted regions in the world. The forest also provided shelter for wild animals and various plants, however; they were also affected by radiation creating new mutated species.
902: Peer review helps to assure the accurate use of date by providing another set of eyes to double check the information presented. That way when an error occurs someone might be able to find and fix it. This improves the scientific process because when using data the information is correct and usable. Without this correct information the scientific process would be unable to occur. With peer review at Chernobyl plant some one knowledgeable about graphite and water would have been able to know what would happen and prevent this from happening. Additionally, after the explosion to occur, if the officials were to communicate with others and ask questions about the radiation in the radiation in the area people could have left the area and less diseases would have occurred.
904: Biggest part of Chernobyl’s legacy is that it raised worldwide attention to seriousness of radiation exposure to human health. According to WHO’s Chernobyl Forum, childhood thyroid cancer caused by radioactive iodine fallout is one of the main health impacts of the accidents. By 2002, more than 4000 thyroid cancer cases had been diagnosed in this group. Due to increase of Leukemia diagnoses after the Chernobyl accident, it is suspected that it is caused by radiation exposure. This is one of the most controversial research topics around the world. The accident helped to plan the future allocation of public health resources. Other than addressing health issues, Chernobyl accident also stabilized new safety condition. The Shelter Implementation Plan called for transforming the site with a movable arch, constructed away the shelter to avoid high radiation. Also United Nations came up with different projects to lead recovery of the polluted areas.

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