Nuclear Physics Project: the intersection of science, technology, and society in historical and contemporary contexts

Getting Started

  • Create a page on this wiki for your topic (click on the New Page link to the left)
  • The page needs to contain a description of your topic, your name, your potential presentation method, and any other details you can provide.
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Page Formatting

All pages should start with the follow (you can copy, paste, and edit):

Title: your project title
Names: your first names (no last names)
Teacher: Mr. Schmit/Mr. Rowzee
Standards: 901-906 (specify the applicable standards)

All pages should embed a discussion area widget at the bottom. When editing your page, click on the "Widget" button, choose "Discussion Area" from the list, and click "Embed Discussion Area." When you save your, page a list of comments will be displayed.


When you are done, add a link to your page to both indexes:


901. Describe how scientific knowledge, explanations and technological designs may change with new information over time (e.g., the understanding of DNA, the design of computers).
902. Explain how peer review helps to assure the accurate use of data and improves the scientific process.
903. Identify and explain ways that scientific knowledge and economics drive technological development.
904. Identify important contributions to science and technology that have been made by individuals and groups from various cultures.
905. Describe how occupations use scientific and technological knowledge and skills.
906. Analyze the interaction of resource acquisition, technological development and ecosystem impact (e.g., diamond, coal or gold mining; deforestation).

Need Help?

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